A Syrian citizen detained in Qatar announces a hunger strike due to ill-treatment and torture

A Syrian citizen detained in Qatar announces a hunger strike due to ill-treatment and torture

Maat Foundation calls on the international community to intervene to release Arzeq

Eight months have passed since the arrest of the Syrian citizen residing in Qatar Abdul Razzaq Ahmed ArzeeqAnd who is still being arbitrarily detained by the Qatari State Security without any charge or investigation procedures, and during this period, Arezik was subjected to all forms of humiliation, intimidation and torture, and one of the people who contacted Maat Foundation today, January 10, 2020, said that Arziq entered a hunger strike after his exposure. To many human rights violations, insults and psychological pressure, every time he asks the interrogators about the accusation under which he is still detained and always gets the answer.We don't know what you are interested in!”. 

And Azeeq was forcibly disappeared from his residence in the city of Al-Luqta in Qatar on the twenty-eighth of May 2020, when three people wearing civilian clothes took him to an unknown place, and since that date his brother lost contact with him, and he searched all the centers of the Ministry of Interior, Criminal Investigation and Preventive Security He was informed by Al Rayyan Police Station that he is being held in the Qatari State Security Agency. Up to this point, his charge has not been known or when he will be referred to the prosecution or trial.

It is worth noting that Maat Foundation has filed a complaint with the Working Group on Enforced Disappearances and the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention to communicate with the Qatari authorities regarding the case of Abdel Razek Arezig, and the Qatari authorities ignored these complaints and did not respond to any of them, but rather worked to harass Arzeq inside his detention facility. . The Maat Foundation renewed its call on the Qatari authorities to investigate the forced disappearance and arbitrary detention of the Syrian citizen, Abdel Razek Ahmed Arzeeq. And to allow the appointment of a lawyer to defend him. The Maat Foundation also calls on the UN agencies and the international community to pressure the Qatari authorities to release him.

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