A new symposium for the Alliance of Civil Society Organizations and the Idea Bank Association in Sharkia

A new symposium for the Alliance of Civil Society Organizations and the Idea Bank Association in Sharkia

Idea Bank: We seek to maximize the benefit from the recommendations of the periodic review to improve local human rights conditions


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The Harya Razana Village Youth Center, in the Zagazig Center, Sharkia Governorate, hosted a new symposium to introduce the Universal Periodic Review, organized by the New Ideas Bank Association with the participation of representatives of Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights. Where the member organizations are based in Civil Society Organizations Coalition for the Universal Periodic Review, By organizing a set of activities aimed at raising awareness of the UPR and the recommendations associated with it, while linking it to human rights issues that concern citizens in the various governorates.

The coalition, which was established in May 2016, adopted in its first annual plan through its elected board of trustees the implementation of a set of activities to raise community awareness of the mechanism of the United Nations Human Rights Council, with the aim of shedding more light on local human rights issues and discussing them from the perspective of international mechanisms to protect human rights.

Where the New Ideas Bank Association, a founding member of the coalition and one of the organizations benefiting from the training program entitled “Strengthening the capacities of local civil society organizations to effectively follow up on UPR recommendations ”, By organizing an introductory seminar on the universal periodic review for a group of young people, cadres of civil work organizations, community leaders and citizens in general, during which I conveyed to the attendees the knowledge and skills I have acquired related to the UPR, the recommendations associated with it, the role of civil organizations and citizens in following up the implementation of these recommendations. The symposium also discussed some issues of concern to citizens with reference to their relevance to the recommendations of the universal periodic review, including empowering youth through providing national programs for capacity-building, rehabilitation and employment, and paying more attention to the craft of agriculture as one of the most important sources of livelihood for a large group of farmers in the villages and hamlets of the Sharqiyah Governorate .

Khaled Zanoun, the official representative of the Association in the Coalition, stressed during his speech the vital role that member organizations play in the governorates through their ability to reach the broad base of the public, as the ultimate beneficiaries of improving human rights conditions by reforming the state's public policies, as these activities represent a catalyst. To work on improving human rights conditions at the local level through parliamentarians and executive government bodies at the governorate level.

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