Hans Seidel and Maat hold two training modules for youth promoting the role of youth in improving the legal framework for local administration

Within the framework of a decentralization program that responds to citizen rights, the Hans Seidel Foundation (Egypt Office) and Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights held two training modules for youth in the age group 21-35 years under the title “Enhancing the role of youth in improving the legal framework for local administration”.
The first training model was held in Cairo governorate on November 30, 2013 and December 1, 2013, while the second model was held in Alexandria governorate during the period from December 6 to 7, 2013. About 50 young activists in initiatives, organizations and groups interested in local administration participated in the two training modules.
The models were aimed at raising youth awareness of the governing framework of local administration, as well as raising their awareness of decentralization and good local governance, as well as enabling young people to propose and develop general principles for the Local Administration Law in line with the proposed constitutional framework for local administration in accordance with the conclusion of the fifty committee.
During the two models, the legislative framework for local administration (the local administration branch in the draft constitution) was discussed, the legal reality, obstacles and elements of decentralization in accordance with the current legal framework. The program also included training on decentralization, good local governance and the general framework of the local system in Egypt.
The models also included youth playing the role of a committee specialized in amending the Local Administration Law 43 of 1979, where the participants were divided into three specific committees, the first being the Executive Authority Committee, the second the Elected Councils Committee, and the third the Financial Resources Committee.
The two models produced important recommendations that must be taken into account when amending the current law for local administration to be consistent with the provisions of the local administration branch in the draft of the new constitution, and for it to be more compatible with the standards of good local government and decentralization, and among the most important of these recommendations are the following: -
1- Considering governors and heads of local units as the final heads of all civil servants within the local unit, and creating an executive director position for the governorate to assume the administrative powers of the governor, so that the governor becomes the representative of the political authority in the governorate.
2- Transferring the task of establishing and managing all services of a local nature to the local units, with the ministries being satisfied with setting general policies and defining performance standards.
3- The local people's council has the right to grant confidence to candidates to occupy the position of executive director of the governorate and heads of local units.
4- The local people's councils must approve the annual budget of the local unit and approve its final account
5- The member of the local people's council must obtain at least a basic education completion certificate
6- The right of local units to collect and spend real estate taxes, agricultural lands taxes, fees of a local nature, and part of the sales taxes in relation to products traded within the scope of the local unit.
7 - Putting in a text in the Local Administration Law declaring the cancellation of any text that contradicts the provisions of this law in any other law to solve the problem of conflict between the provisions of the Local Administration Law and the provisions contained in other laws.

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