The Policy Analysis Unit at Maat Foundation issues a new policy paper “Developing the Small Enterprises Sector to Promote the Right to Work”

The Policy Analysis Unit at Maat Foundation issues a new policy paper

"Developing the small enterprise sector to promote the right to work."

Main recommendations: a new law, the creation of a regulatory body, and the implementation of the one-stop shop


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The Policy Analysis Unit of the Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights released a new paper entitled Development of the Small Enterprise Sector to Promote the Right to Work, And that under The project "The Universal Periodic Review as a Tool to Improve Public Policies during the Transition", Which is implemented by the Foundation with funding from the European Union during 2016-2017.

The paper discussed a number of axes related to the small enterprises sector, as the small enterprises sector is linked to supportive constitutional frameworks, and is based on clear human rights standards, and the sector regulates a number of laws.
The paper analyzed the small enterprises sector and the legislative and legal framework that governs the nature of the work of small enterprises, the governmental discourse in support of small enterprises, the reality of small enterprises in Egypt, and the challenges facing small enterprises, especially the financing and administrative challenges.

The paper came out with a set of important recommendations, the most prominent of which is the issuance of a new law to deal with the small enterprises sector in line with the current reality of small enterprises, the creation of a regulatory body for the sector, and the granting of licenses and approvals to follow the one-stop shop mechanism. The paper also recommended work to facilitate administrative procedures that hinder The work of small enterprises, in a way that contributes to the growth of the small enterprises sector, in addition to increasing the financing opportunities available to small enterprises, with reduced interest and longer payment periods, to contribute to financing new small projects and expand existing small projects, in order to promote the sector.

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