We work through our programs to defend human rights and promote sustainable development paths by working on their 2030 and 2063 agendas. We put marginalized groups, women and youth in our priorities, and the principles of justice, equality and non-discrimination remain in our minds in light of the continuous endeavor to preserve basic freedoms and to hear everyone's voice without leaving anyone behind.

International and Regional Mechanisms to Protect Human Rights

How we leave an impact?

Raising Awareness and Civic Education

Maat seeks to employ efforts aimed to change at the individual, organisational or community level through educating individuals and promoting public awareness of the values, information, or causes associated with a specific case.

Rehabilitation, training and upgrading of efficiency 

Maat aims primarily to gain experience and develop the capabilities that the target audience needs to perform effectively in certain areas and to provide the target audience with the skills and knowledge that will enable them to perform their roles efficiently and effectively.

Lobbying and Advocacy

Maat seeks advocate on specific policies and rights, by seeking to create or amend legislation and public policies that affect the state of society and its citizens, by shedding light on relevant issues, informing people and gaining their support in a state of influence and impact.